One of the biggest questions we get asked is "what size should I order", so...


Our kilts are all European sized, and our sizes do not match American jean size. If you order your jean size, the kilt will almost certainly be far too small for you. We don't want you to be disappointed and have to wait for an exchange, and measuring is easy-peasy.

Just measure your waist where you intend to wear the kilt...this should be around your navel, about an inch or two above your hip bone. Order the nearest whole size to your actual measurement. Odds are it will be about 2-4" above your normal pants size: i.e. if you wear a 36 in your jeans, you will take a 38 or 40 in your kilt. But this is why measuring is so important...some guys may be 6" difference from jean size to kilt size.

If you are ordering one of our 100% wool kilts from Scotland, you get to measure a bit more. Your "Seat" measurement is measuring around is the widest part of your hips/bum. Length is from your navel to the center of your knee.

ALL of these measurements are better taken by someone else with a soft, fabric tape measure than by yourself in the garage with your metal tape measure:). If in doubt, you can stop in any formal wear store store, suit store, etc, and get measured by a professional in just a couple minutes.

We're here with more advice if you need it, just click the contact us button. Thanks!